I done read the bylaws
Yeah I done read the code x4

Y'all feel like anything goes
I done read the code
I'm the mean, range and the mode
I done watched this before
Y'all run the same campaigns
Y'all get the same votes
Y'all some lame-os
Did it cause i hate those
I just got 8 flows
Now I get 8 more
Presidents rate those
1. K Bandoh
2. Chaff for the win
If you talking down we should go and win again
Ah are we really friends
I thought so when this began
I don't really know you anymore, you settled down and the dang score
Getting down on the dance floor
Getting down I'm so hard
Y'all pulled the race card
Y'all pulled the wrong card
Y'all asked about my hair
Y'all said I ain't aware
Y'all said I ain't serious
Y'all thought I was mysterious
Ya'll shole was right
Did them things outta spite
They just thinking I'm righteous
They just really don't like this
They just really wanna bite this
You don't really wanna fight this
I got the touch like the Midas
I am the plus to your minus
You don't really wanna try this
That wouldn't be wisest
I'm known as a wise crack
From the third ward straight to the nac
I don't really wanna push it back
Give young Chaff the FIFTY
Got me really feeling nifty
Innovation looking tricky
All my clothes kinda thrifty
All my flows kinda risky
Although I am winning x 2
Way back when I met shane
Played the game how he want it played
Oh no it's a shame
Now that he's running again
But I'm still making games
Breaking all the traditions
You there are a witness
Cause you know how I get it
Same ol' shane, same campaign, I said I seen it before
I don't read the code
I done read the bylaws
I done read the bylaws
I done read the code
I said I seen it before

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