Looking - looking for - perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect...

15 minutes could save 15 percent or more
But I don't hit my limit until that ass starts feeling sore
Class, observe my finesse
I'd say "Damn!" but I rap before a live studio audience

Hard to fence, so why bother?
If not from the land I'mma travel by tunnel air or water
Haters claim the rap scheme retarded
'Til I'm up in their apartment in my Ed Hardy's
And start to dead parties
Brought my live shit
I'm already talking, all you need to do is mike it
Chopped the hawk
Malandro with Dolly Parton drawl
Who walks the walk and makes 'em all get thoughtful how
Tomp not balking now
Step calm in the palm sweat
Chalk em out
My rap is like a bomb threat
Mom said "Every song today's about love lost"
Shut up and dance with me, but open up and fuck off
If it feels so good, why not
Tug a thread til the curtain comes loose?
Fuck around, waste some time, burn through it like ooh
Damn, that sunlight feels good
If it feels so right, why not
Try one more night with no shiny ones?
The eeny miny won't do you no good in this life
Come out and join me in the sunlight

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About "Eeny miny"

This song, while fairly non-sequitor and disorganized in terms of bars, is actually about a love affair that didn’t last long. Tomp raps about a variety of different subjects with a sense of braggadocio and flashy showmanship, but ends the song with a plea to the ex-lover: If I’m so great and what we did felt so good, why not try it again?

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