Winter is coming in through the closed doors
I have been waiting for this
Summer will go and will make room for snow
Start getting ready for the cold

If I am the wintertime, then you are the spring
You're always full of new colors
I'll take the leaves off of every single tree
And you'll always beautifully recover

If I was stronger than I've ever been
Would you stay here by my side?
Or would you think since I'm now stronger a man
That I don't need someone to lean on?
Well I think the strong man needs somewhere to lean
I think he gets a little tired
Then we emphasize strong, and we leave off the man
Strong is only part of the title

And so winter is coming in through the closed doors
I know you've been dreading this
We're losing our warmth
And we're losing our freedom
But we can get by if we've someone to lean on

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