Benny Troung

Is You Pregnant


Bitches tell me, "Yes Papa"
Never tell me, "No Papa"
Is you pregnant? "No Papa"
Well you ‘bout to be... "Ha ha ha ha"
Bitches tell me, "Yes Papa"
Never tell me, "No Papa"
Is you pregnant? "No Papa"
Well you ‘bout to be... "Ha ha ha ha"

[Verse 1]
Is it Vietnamese, is it Lebanese?
I forgot to shower, smell like cheddar cheese
But I get it when I please, especially when my jeans
Accentuate my peen, her pussy like a stream
Nice jacket, I like your accent
She follow Benny into oncoming traffic (bewbew)
She call me master, I Dream of Jeannie
It’s the Troungster, please leave your bikini (don’t need it)
She lick the dong like it’s ice cream vanilly
I scream, you scream, semen on the ceiling (ughh)
Okay, Google, tell me where the hoes are
Can you eat pussy if you have a cold sore?
Alone at the bar so I hit her with my rap (what up?)
What a nice day, want to sit up on my lap?
Said I had no mustache, with whiskers like a rat (huh?)
‘Til I hit it from the back

[Verse 2]
Thursday I found a small lump in my scrotum (damn)
Went to the hospital so I could show ‘em (damn)
Friday they took some biopsies and photos
Tubes in my butt, yo, bro, no homo
Nurses they love me, check on me often (hey)
“When you get better have sex with me, promise?”
Can’t do it now there’s a catheter in me
Hurts when I’m hard stop flashing your titties (aghh)
Provolone on the beat it’s a banger
Leave a handprint on her cheek when he spank her
Didn’t know Benny was a R&B singer (ahhhhh)
And a sperm donor, I’m a freelancer
Her mom told her dad “I want a divorce” (whaa?)
He jumped off a bridge, I’m sorry for your loss
Been six months still trying to find a corpse
Girl it’s okay, I will be your pops


[Verse 3]
Never give up, never give in (nope)
But you can give up if it’s your children
Renee, James, Paige, William
Would have been their names ‘til the Plan B killed them
Plan C: keep it, get a C-section
Leave it outside of a police station
Better than a dumpster, I’m not a monster
Plan D: flee cause I’m not the father
But I’m your papa, get me my slippers
Get me my paper, get me my dentures
Get in your leather, get on your knees (do it)
All you hear is “Papa, please…”
This that Kidz Bop (wha?), mixed with hip-hop (damn)
When I was a kid I jacked off in a gym sock (whicc)
Good god, titty pics in my inbox
Big nipples, looking like a Ring Pop

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