Pecknarm Freestyle


I'm from down south, but we ain't BMF
UK villains, what you know about PMS?
Mix the flake with the yams now I'm seeing press
Put it on the street, other bitch niggas seeing less
Shit's starting to stress me
These OT pussyholes tryna arrest me
That's why they nicked Jim Jones, Carlton and Pesky (that upset me)
I ask the father to bless me
Wash away my sins and pardon my trechery
'Cause after I met B, copped me a marvellous Tec
He, dissed me, I blew off like half of his left knee
And we got the candy dots
Call it Noel's candy, ain't no whisky or no brady shots
And they're going mad all the grams we got
I ain't 50 Cent but bitch I'll take you to the candy shop
Nigga I'm a family man, and I love my family lots
That's why I bang for my brothers, fuck a family loss
Trap all day, ain't no time for hanky panky jobs
Even though I know a lot of jezzies want to wank me off
Father in this rap game so try and understand the god
I've been in the streets before you niggas took your pampers off

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