Benny Troung

Activate Pimp Mode 2


[Verse 1]
Young man you better straighten up and fly right
Young man I’ma show you how to ride a bike
Young man I’ma get up in your mom tonight
Cause I’m your dad now (what), what you trying to fight?
I’m like Leo Da Vinci with this rap shit
Leonardo DiCaprio with these fat bitches
300-pounds, but I still had to hit it
Reverse cowgirl wow I made a bad decision (hgnh)
Who you know could do activate pimp mode
And go and do part two of activate pimp mode?
I seen your boo I had to activate pimp mode
“Karen let’s go home…”
Why you acting like a bitch though?
Mofo you more soft than a pita roll
And I’m the boss, hoss, that’s why she cheat on you
Your dad dead you took a plane to the funeral
She stayed home and masturbate to my video
Activate pimp mode
Activate pimp mode
Activate pimp mode
Activate pimp mode

[Verse 2]
This sound like some Enya, but it’s down and dirty
They play this in Kenya, even out in Jersey
Even in Germany, heathens they heard of me (ah, yes, Benny)
They want my penis, they squeeze and they slurp on me
From your land to my land, Thailand to England
Which bitch gon’ bing bang on my ding dang
Asia, Croatia, Mali, Uzbekistan
Down in Jamaica they call me the Pussy Man
Guam, Peru, Saudi Arabia
Benny Troung tattooed on her outer labia (wow)
Find me on Spotify, even Google Play
Free on Bandcamp if you want to be a Jew today
The BAR got bars, some are uncalled for (huh)
This ain’t All-4-One, one bitch get down on all fours
I’m in the carport sleeping on some cardboard
You yelling fore I’m Michael Douglas at the golf course

[Outro: Michael Douglas]
Well I guess you’re of luck aren’t you?
Your little cart’s gonna drown
Now aren’t you sorry you didn’t let me pass through your golf course?
Yeah, and now you’re going to die wearing that stupid little hat

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About "Activate Pimp Mode 2"

Part 1 can be found on Benny’s 2015 mixtape, Hard Being Handsome.

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