Spit Dat Heat

Ace Jab Bell vs Carter Deems


[Round 1: Carter Deems]
I've felt the powers since Screech Powers spit game to Lisa Turtle
I'm so wild I'll break into a zoo, free the beast and release the turtle
Your shells won't land but I own a terrarium that I lease to turtles
I cut him down, slow my lawn mower gear down to at least the turtle
I share everything with my cat, he even reads my journal
But this is war when I pull out that- dang it I forgot to feed my gerbils
He's been preparing for months but I was already ready I didn't even need rehearsal
Cause I keep my rhymes tight like Brett Farve's pants in a jean's commercial
I don't care what your beef is I'm vegetarian I don't even eat fish
But I keep going cause I need this, punches flying from each fist
Deliver the heat like deep dish
I'm about to take Ace Jab out...to Applebees I hope you like cheese sticks
I throw melted cheddar at your face, I hope the cheese sticks
I forgot to bathe my mom's dog now she's ticked
We don't need ticks, this is not a game, you don't need ticks
I'm on my A game like I made the Dean's List
When Deem's spits, it's like he's in the kitchen, "Here. Eat this."
I'm in the kitchen where the heat is, cooking so hard it's like I don't even need wrists
Oh forget the kitchen, on Friday night you can catch me out at Applebees
And the bottom drawer of my refrigerator, that's where my apples be
I just bought an iPhone 6 but I'm not sure what my next app will be
Here are two things that are found in nature: apples...bees
That's bars!
That's not bars that's just babbling
Go ahead dude laugh at me
I don't care if you laugh at me while I'm battling
The only reason I'm battling you is so I can make you flash that beautiful smile that you crack at me
Go ahead dude throw cracks at me
Pick up a bat and try to crack my knees
But I don't really care if you try to get violent I have a few gun lines you can have for free
It's like he's fixing his mechanical pencil the way he'll start exchanging lead
It's like he's reading a good book, my body-ways he's gonna make it read/red
He's making bread he'll hop in his Porsche, won't hit the breaks til he breaks my leg
Nah, he'll probably rearrange my face instead when that long nose pop off like Mr. Potato Head
Basically, what I'm saying is I'm dead
[Round 2: Carter Deems]
I love books but most of 'em are overdue
This is a freestyle so it's probably going over dude
It's going over you, he said he'd make my girl pregnant?
Well I don't even have a girl so jokes on you
In 2nd grade I won second place in a spelling bee, that's a blue ribbon
So cool they don't know what to do with him
I'll pull up on a Razor scooter with the roof missing
If you were outside and I was inside I'd invite him in (vitamin) that's nutrition
My dad just renovated the house, that's a new kitchen
I'm cooking but my George Foreman grill left too much of the juice dripping
So I switched back to my old grill like DNA with the tooth missing
I can tell by your face that you never felt the love of a cute kitten
When this dude spitting I'll leave him bummed out when I serve that heat like a soup kitchen
You walk in my house you gonna hear the that toaster pop
Cause I like to eat toast a lot
And you can have some too but be careful, toast is hot
Carter about to raise the bar, I like to toast a lot
This kid is beat he'll see defeat (da feet) like he looks at his toes a lot
T-Top thinking, "That line was terrible"....no it's not
You know it's hot, when I pull out that can...of Pepsi I'll spray him in face, let that soda pop
Look, I forgot my rhymes so I'll freestyle
Yeah I got that gun I'll let it blow back
Pick up the heat and buck it (bucket) like Bo's hat
Put you behind the clips like where blow at
Carter Deems is a baller, hang out where the pros at
They said, "Don't sleep on Ace Jab Bell." Well I drank a fifth of Henny and took a Prozac
Yeah I'll smoke that
But I don't even need the money to go to the hookah room
I got twenty dollars but I left it in my car, I drive a Subaru
If we played four times I'd probably go two and two
Nah I'm just kidding I'm gonna shit on him like what my poopy do
Carter Deems gonna send him to the Angels like Lucy Liu
Yeah get it? Charlie's Angels, Cameron Diaz, some other white chick
Carter Deems is freestyling but please don't fight it
They wanna bite it
You already wore braces in 5th grade, Carter Deems sharper than a switch blade
Yeah, I wrote like half a round, I'm just playing around with you
You got friends and family here earlier but they didn't stick around for you
Yeah I slept on this guy, somebody please hand me a Mt. Dew
He tried to rock out and peak like a mountain do
[Round 3: Carter Deems]
Put your finger in my ear, he's not rapping right
This dude said to cook food well I hope you brought your appetite
Because he said I'm white and pale, well, you're exactly right
Ahhh, sorry, I thought I was gonna get reaction, right?
Forget this battle, I should've stayed at home and had fun with cats
What y'all want me to say that again? Alright I'll run it back
Forget this battle, I should've stayed at home and had fun with cats
You're just a punching bag, have fun with that
You should get a clue like Benedict Cumberbatch
Nines, the ninas, AKs, guns and gats
Gats and guns, guns and gats it's like I'm breaking up with my pimp the way I'm 'bout to dump a Mac (mack)
The bullets will have you jumping jack, waving arms around my head like a jumping jack
Cause when I pull out that shotty and start to pumping that
I- never mind, guns are wack
Still, I'll give you that bad news from long distance, I should've called collect
I never popped a Tec, I have lots of pets
You have awesome pecs, you probably have lots of sex
For real, I'm getting some green it makes my pockets stretch
Every time I pocket checks but I'm a bad boy 'bout to give you a pocket check
Yeah they're all there
When I'm freestyling the heat flying but I never even held a gun
So close to the fire it's like I can smell the sun
Spit Dat Heat I'm 'bout to melt my tongue
I fell to none
Thinking outside of the box I keep those punches flying til the belt is won
And give jabs to Ace till Ace Jab Bell is rung
{chokes and freestyles}

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