The Reverend

Guess Who (ft. 3MiccaMatt)


(The Reverend)

They call me The Reverend
Say I came down from heaven
And to all those fuckers that hate
I must have come down too late
I'm bout to end y'alls existence
Spark a new resistance
I'm just beginning my life
Too young to worry bout a wife
You know I could beat ya ass
Then seduce ya woman with class
It doesn't even matter anymore
Good girl wanna be a whore
Never gonna look back
One day I'll be the star quarterback
Become a Pittsburgh Steeler
Cause you know your bitch I steal her
Guess who
Guess who
I'm just here to fuck with you guess who
(3MiccaMatt): yuh
Guess who
(3MiccaMatt): They call him The Reverend
Guess who
(3MiccaMatt): aye
Guess who
Sike bitch I don't give a fuck about you


Fuck yo mama
Ridin' yo bitch like a llama
Too busy for that bullshit drama
Knock yo ass out like severe trauma
42 wives like Osama
Reppin that blue like Obama
Playin you like Kendama
Got them zeros and got them commas
Spendin cash at foodarama
Chillin wit yo bitch watchin futurama
Fuckin her while I kiss her
Got a long green dick like a lizard
Hypnotizin yo hoe like a wizard
Fuckin her hard in a blizzard
Aye you know I got that sizzzuuuurrrrp
Cause that's that shit I'm about
3MiccaMatt out
Guess Who
Guess Who
We're just here to fuck with you Guess Who
Guess Who
Guess Who
Sike bitch we don't give no fucks about you
(3MiccaMatt): Guess Who

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About "Guess Who (ft. 3MiccaMatt)"

Originally written as a diss track by The Reverend as his first song, Guess Who sets the general scene for The Reverend’s rap style and helps us predict what the bulk of his first albulm “Psalms” will play out. With a second verse by his tribal micca brother 3MiccaMatt, the song takes a new turn and gives new meaning to itself. This gained high recognition amongst his community with a whopping 124 views on SoundCloud, while this one hasalready reached 100. By far considered one of his greatest works, the up and coming Houston artist plans on releasing more songs similar to this.

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