I’m So Tired ... I Wanna Leave


I'm so tired
I just want to leave
If I could find the strength to lift my arm
And grab the balloon
And float
Float towards the sun
Watching my ride melt
Dripping down my hand
I fall into black waters
The dead sea
Burden to heavy to float
Like a rock
To rock bottom
Cool lava caresses my back
Where my wings were
Where they will grow back
Black out from the pressure
Drift in endless darkness
Meanwhile feathers flutter
Feathers cluster
Never having the strength to take flight
Dwelling in the depths
Turn out the light before you go
And tape the switch
I feel at home
I feel alone
Lost at home
Stay here at home
No need for keys
I'll stay in

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About "I’m So Tired ... I Wanna Leave"

I wrote this while I was having suicidal thoughts. The title is something I texted my friend the day i wrote this. I was physically, emotionally, and spiritually fatigued to the point that I just wanted to go to my spiritual home and stop trying to make the world better.

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