[Yo-Yo Ma & ?]
It's different, I get it. There's something that makes it so...
That's because it sounds better
Oh, I see
I'm wondering, it's that you're expected the exact sequenced notes
In exact sequence, uhuh
When here's part of the, part of the flavor of these notes, y'know, that's only 90% the same
Right, that's, that's, exactly. So, that, there's something y'know the way that, that you would have chords and then you improvise out of them. But, you see, I think we have here, um, uh, intervals and certain rhythmic themes. [Humming] So, there are a number of possibilities, I think. This is, like, modular, y'know
I'm, I'm beginning to understand
He's saying he didn't get any of it. But you're into it
Ok, yeah, I think it's like, yeah, it's, it's seeing certain types of intervals, certain types of motifs. [Humming] But it's free in terms of how that's going to come in. And then, and then, thank you, I, I think I finally understand something about it. Once again, what we have is a few absolutely set things, y'know, five strings, a certain number of permutations. But within those permutations, infinite variety

[William Shatner & Sharon Acker]
Odona, can you remember why your people dream of being alone?
Because they never can be
What makes it so impossible to be alone?
Because there are so many of us, so many. There is no place, no street, no house, no garden, no beach, no mountain that is not filled with people. Each one of us would kill in order to find a place alone to himself. They would willingly die for it if they could
Who sent you here?
No one commands Odona. I was not sent here
You've come to kill. Odona, have you come to die?
I don't know, I don't care. I only know I'm here. I only know I'm happy

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