[Intro: Rolex B]
Yo I got the swag, man
I’m turned up in the hood
Yeah the hood, yeah the hood
Yeah the hood hood hood, yeah
Yo I got the swag, man
I’m turned up for the hood
The hood, the hood
The wub wub wub doodle a doodle a
Uhhhhh, ha ha ha
[Chorus: Rolex B]
Yo I got the swag, man
Turned up for the hood
Yo I got the swag, man
Turned up for the wub wub wub
Yo I got the swag, man
Turned up for the hood
Yo I got the swag, man
Swaggy McJaggy man

[Verse 1; Life’s Complex]
Guess I’ll start by rapping ‘bout myself
Cause that’s what everybody’s doing and it’s cool as hell
Fuck that, that’s not why I’m in rap
Oh sure, man, I could brag, but really what good is that?
Should I give it to ‘em Jizza? (Big Magellan: Fuck yeah!)
You got a platform but you say nothing
You’re way past my level but you can’t refrain
From talking how you make money like it’s nothing, okay
I’m not Lupe Fiasco, no kick push swagger
No I don’t talk about how my chick badder
In fact, take the “I” out the lines just uttered
Let’s try to see clear like there ain’t no shutters
First off, fuck you for judging my opinion on the subject
You thinking that you’re thuggish then you need to be bludgeoned
All up on your head, and leave the blood running
Like he bust a cap and heard the cops coming
Okay, back to my main topic
It’s a hot one think the kids would call it hot shit
When you start from the bottom man you got to drive hard
But if you start at the top man that engine gon’ stall
I’m not saying if you’re rich then you’re lazy
Look at Drake man that... Jimmy made it
Middle of the pack to the top of the class
I’m just saying that you’re lacking in engagement
But let’s be honest you don’t really care
“Oh he’s talking to the streets and I am not there.”
Motherfucker is you deaf? The point of this project
Is to teach you how to gain some respect for your punk ass
[Verse 2: Rolex B]
Turn it up…
Mess with me, I am going hard in the paint
Look I’m not gay, but I’ll still lick your taint
You wanna step up to this I am the best
I am number one and fuck all the rest see (swag swag swag)
Look, I’m the best you’re the worst
I always come in second I mean I always come in first, look
You don’t come in any place you don’t get a medal
I’m so hardcore, I am number pe-
Fuck, shit, ass, cunt
All words Eminem uses on the daily
But I’m Eminem’s prodigy, he
Is the motherfucker who pays me, look
I’m the number one…
Sike I’m a white kid call me the cracker
But I’m a cracker with a sick whip
Sike I’m 15 I don’t have my driver’s license yet uh
Look, look, I’m the best y’all
Everyone is stepping up to me like heh y’all, yeah
I don’t even know what I’m saying
But look, I’ma teach you call me super saiyan (swag swag swag)

[Verse 3: Vile Diarrhea]
Cypher number two this is going to be hot
Brace for impact while my words are like the crack of the shot
Two bars just ain’t enough for me to set things on fire
But now I’ve got a can of gas and a brand new lighter
Get off of the tracks or you’ll be meeting the train
Caboose is made of lightning and a passenger car of pain
This train is just so fly that it’s heading to the sky
Head above the clouds so I’m avoiding the rain
Nah, I’m no professional, I ain’t even underground
I’m just a kid with a laptop and a need for good sound
I could spit as well as any other rapper alive, nah
Not actually, but I sure as hell can try
I see your bowels loosen as I’m dropping on this beat
My words just made you shit yourself because your rapping is weak
You better watch your back while pouring water on that burn
Because you can bet your ass that Diarrhea will return
Damn it!
[Verse 4: Big Django]
Big Django on the mic
Yeah, let’s hit it
Aww shit

Met a girl over the summer now she fucking with my head
Now I’m thinking ‘bout analyzing every word I said, shit
Now I don’t know where I’m going
Got my crew, got my fam, and now I got my verse flowing, fuck
LTGJ 3, ain’t got shit on me
I’m rolling and flowing and growing I’ll [?] we’ll see

[Verse 5: Big Magellan]
Big Magellan here, straight flowing
Bringing back G-funk with the sound of tribe
You know I’m The Pelican
Now over to Forrest

[Verse 6: Lieutenant General Jizza the 3]
Yo, Michael, started up in this rap game
Just a little homie, never seen no fame
But one day he’s gon’ be big
Shit, I’ll go acapella on this track I don’t need the fucking beat
Uh, yeah
I don’t remember how it went, but I’m thinking that
It’s probably got a simple beat, I’ma keep snapping
Cause I don’t got no fucking sense of rhythm
Because I’m white, Michael
You’re the only person I can see right now
So I’m gonna keep rapping ‘bout you
Uhh, he’s got a sister, she’s not attractive
Mom, is also not attractive
Michael, he’s... medium attractive
Ryan, very not attractive
Tic Tac? More like Ugly Motherfucker Squad
Have you seen these guys?
I’m done, hit space bar

[Outro: Rolex B]
Alright, (*coughs*)
That was good

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About "We Pt. II"

The second installment of the Tic Tac Squad cypher series and precursor to the massively successful “We III,” “We Pt. II” made the final track list of Broken Hearts even though “We III” and “We IV (West Coast)” had already been released prior to the album hitting the web.

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