Yung Adam

Champagne Baba


(Bridge 1)
Headband like I'm 2Pac, my attitude like Guwop
Headband like I'm 2Pac, my attitude like Guwop
Headband like I'm 2Pac, my attitude like Guwop
Headband like I'm 2Pac, my attitude like guwop

(Verse 1)
Your favourite rapper wear a disguise
Tryna dead me, but I'm still alive
Packed a punch that felt pint-sized
Handout blocks like I'm whiteside
Ditch my old friends like it's hindsight
If I had fake friends, supports on a ride
Fuck that that shit I ain't got no time
Vodka lime on my mind
Talk about me, but I'm in my prime
Heard that shit for a very long time
Not even British, but I still feel grime
Work so hard I feel full-time
This the mountain I'm built to climb
Your man crush monday on decline
Mbo I'm about to re sign
She always bout that wine and dine
Never even passed my whole combine
Hotline bling almost all the time
Fuck that shit I'm on cloud nine
Wear me out like Calvin Klein
I don't rock with valentines
Hands on me with bobby v
Jokes on you like bobby lee
I've always had those major keys
(Bridge 2)
Drinkin, smokin, fuckin every night man
I'm drinkin, smokin, schemin every time
They be beefin and they hatin almost all the damn time
Man I'm drinkin, smokin, fuckin every night gone

(Verse 2)
Frog too turnt I hear the croaks
Half a 26 and I'm still woke
If I see these fakes I will provoke
I'm in college and I ain't even broke
Look at my clothes you'd think I'm baroque
Lemon and mint is my shisha smoke
All free cause I know y'all choke
You look like y'all touch poison oak
10 shots deep, I might OD
Nothing in this life guaranteed
I'm dodging death by every means
Malcom X I'm tryna exceed
20 10's in Tennesse
Shakespeare I thou brought that heat
This the demons I'm setting free
Fake friends I always foresee
Stay holy like a rabbi
In the mirror I see red eyes
They always pray on my demise
That just changes when I rise
Keep tellin lies before I fly
Fuck a treaty this ain't versailles
Got 2 sides, no Gemini

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About "Champagne Baba"

This song is about my first night out as a college student, and how I felt at a dark moment of my life, including reminiscing my time in the town I used to live in and about my past.

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