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...detention facility. After being released he relocated to Texas. He eventually became the main suspect in a series of murders involving prostitutes. He was finally captured after abducting and murdering a young Eagle woman. After running all available data, it is my belief that the target, Stiles will attempt to contact a female that matches the profiles of previous victims. I advise extreme caution in attempting apprehension. Good luck, Al
Uh, thanks, uh, I think I'll probably need a little luck

...and between them was many old ex-service colonels, and I will call the big nobs, and they decided to go back for the war, or, well, they were supposed to. I say, "I will go with you." That's the way I come here, and I joined Merchant Navy. They don't really know what to do with me, so they sent me up to Newcastle. There was the training ships up there for Merchant Seamen's Commerce. I don't know much about it. I had a course for six months there, and then they asked me to join as a Gunner Officer, a ship in Malta, in the harbour there. And I go on the convoys, between Alex and Gib, or you maybe ought to say Alexandria and Gibraltar, to bring supply into the heart-place of Malta. And I was lucky to survive from January 40 till somebody hurt me in 44. And they flew me back to England. When I come to England they put me in Moorfield Hospital because I lost, lost half of my eyesight. And I always, also had broken legs and lots of other sorts of things, all forgotten now. And I got my eyesight back, except I have to use these dark glasses. But I see enough. I don't want to see more than what I see today. That's, I'm quite happy with what I see today. And then I joined the Navy, and when I come out this April they sent me to Eire. The Royal Navy have a recreation room there called the Silver Rail Hotel, in Enniskerry

[Male Chanting]
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