Bryan Patterson Jr

Love Yourself


[Verse 1]

I feel like the biggest fish in the sea in the form of a tadpole
A guiding light that once embodied a sad soul
A sweet song sung with the timbre of Satchmo
A smile with gaps
No cap, letting my naps show
Just glad to be natural
I transcend stereotypes, I don't laugh at your Black jokes
My style is Mos Def mixed with the standards of Thad Jones
AfroPunk blended with Black Soul
I sing gospel melodies over trap beats as street hymns
And some Al Green on the weekends
I walk tall with a shirt full of food stains
I'm a message from Kendrick delivered by 2 Chainz
I love myself because I'm different
I see no ceilings; hopefully, you'll feel the same when I'm finished
Life is a game where the opponent can't foul out
And you gotta get permission to wild out
So, today, I'm Diddy Boppin' and I'm doing the Shmoney dance
Screamin' 'Self-Love!' like I've been to the Motherland
Because the powers that be go and meet just to run a scam
They come up with a plan just to keep us all under
Glam and glitter on plastic doesn't mean that it's gold
So just wait for a rainy day and its content will show
So don't change the tint of your skin or the width of your nose
Just Love yourself, family, that's real life goals

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