Life’s Complex

Outro (The May Tape)


[Intro: Life’s Complex, Big Magellan, Vile Diarrhea, & Little J Tot]

[Big Magellan]
We recorded this outro four times

[Life’s Complex]
Mostly cause Liam didn’t like it, but anyway, I hope you liked this mixtape, this has been the May Tape. Sorry for the wait

[Big Magellan]
Also because Justin fucked up the first one

[Vile Diarrhea]
And the third one

[Little J Tot]
That was Liam, that was Liam's decision
[Big Magellan]
I’m blocking Justin from the microphone so he can’t blame me

[Vile Diarrhea]
I’m blocking Justin on Facebook

[Life’s Complex]
Anyway, I got to get this freestyle in because, you know, you got to get freestyles in

[Verse 1: Life’s Complex]
Block on Facebook
And haters man they may look (Big Magellan: look)
But it’s all G tho
Ball like a free throw
Free throw, you don’t even know
You don’t even know that I owe Ian O
Five dollars (Big Magellan: five dollars), cause I hollered at his, at his...

Shit, I don’t want to say that, cause that
He might actually get offended, but
Yo, Ian O. you’re cool

[Shout Outs: Life’s Complex, Big Magellan, Vile Diarrhea, & Little J Tot]

[Big Magellan]
Shout out to Ethan
Cause you my nigga
[Little J Tot]
Shout out to the ugly barnacle

[Life’s Complex]
Shout out to everyone who helped on this track:
Big Magellan, Justin, whose rap name I don’t know
Vile Diarrhea, Big DJango Dolan, uh
Rolex B, shouts out to you

[Big Magellan]
L-T General…

[Life’s Complex]
The Jizza the 3, shouts out to you
Shouts out to Coach Ditka with the polish sassage

[Big Magellan]
Thanks, Coach Ditka

[Life’s Complex]
Shouts out to the Bears

[Big Magellan]
Go Bears!
[Life’s Complex]
Shouts out to the haters

[Big Magellan]
Goo- no, don’t go haters!

[Life’s Complex]
Yeah, fuck you guys
But, uh, you know
I hoped you all really like this
Cause it was fun making it
I hope we can make more

[Big Magellan]
In case you didn’t know, we’re in a recording booth
Cause we’re professionals

[Vile Diarrhea]
Yeah, you know, thanks to UNR
You know for letting us, uh, tape this
Thanks to all of you for downloading this
To your mommas and dads for having sex and having you, um
To their mommas and dads for also having sex and having them, um
And then of course for their decisions, uh, that brought you two
Er, your parents together to have you
So, shout out to them

[Little J Tot]
I’d like to give out a shout out to all my homies back in Canada
I-I-I’d like to give a shout out to all my homies back in Canada
I know times are tough back there, man
But you just, you just got to stick through, man

[Big Magellan]
It’s cold in Canada

[Life’s Complex]
Hey, man, shouts out to all the cities that raised us
You know, shouts out to all the ethnicities and whatnot
Shouts out to the Philippines
Shouts out to Thailand
Shouts out to Panama
Truckee, Canada, United States
Nevada, Vegas, you know
What it do, we did this for you
We finna roll through

[Vile Diarrhea]
Shout out to Abraham Lincoln for inventing electricity
Without you, man, uh, this wouldn’t be possible

[Big Magellan]
Shout out to my homie… Shaquille O’Neal
Shout out to my homie, um... JaMarcus Russell
We still believe in you my brother
Shout out to my homie, uh… the Big DJango
Who isn’t here
Shout out to my homie, uh… Zeb

[Life’s Complex]
Be there or be Zeb

[Big Magellan]
Be there, or be Zeb

[Life’s Complex]
Rest in peace

[Lieutenant General Jizza the 3]
Fuck Michael!

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About "Outro (The May Tape)"

Complex# and part of the Tic Tac Squad give thanks and shout outs over the same instrumental used in “Ad Lib Freestyle.”

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