Arp Boi



Names Arp Boi. I’m from Stockholm, Sweden
I buy arizona tea just so I have something to pee in
I only drink soju, none of that capitalist piss
They on my list, corporations and their shit

Anyway I have an affinity with smoking pot
The last time I did I was in a parking lot
I was with my friends doing all types of drugs and shots
Lean, promethazine, ethanol. That night was hella hot

I only travel outside Europe, last time was in Tokyo
Feeling’ tall as fuck like, I would fuck all the small bitches yo
Rolling down in Akihabara gon' get my weeb on
Flexin’ on the streets and fucking with my Yoko tee’ on
Arp Poi gon’ blow up now
Arp Poi gon’ blow up any second

Tagging with my team while we smoking that weed
Bumping loud shit in the car and drinking some lean
Goin’ higher than a motherfucker, stuff you’ve never seen
Feeling so high, feels like I’m in a dream

Fiji water, Arizona tea can go suck my dick
I’m a vaporwave hipster, I be sipping on that strange shit
Fucking bitches come and go but brothers stick
But brothers stick

Arp Poi gon’ blow up now
Arp Poi gon’ blow up any second

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