[Hook 1: C-Rayz Walz] (x4)
Loving, giving, living my life

[Verse 1: C-Rayz Walz]
I’ma protect my family—that's my word
My wife, child, my dog, cat, and my bird
I got a happy house home—you can't disturb (Word)
You might clapped in the dome—clap—now you heard
I'm walking these dogs, putting in work, got the coroner locked
Come on, dogs. Don't be a jerk and have to gargle the Glock
My brother got his spot down on hold, a hop, skip, and a cold
I'm from the old school, fam—I don't lock my door
Ain't no more arguing, negative screaming, and fighting
All that's gonna do is leave the little residents frightened
I bring home groceries, packed bags, stacked cash
Stay gracious, use patience, don't get mad
And I’ma be the dad my father couldn't be ‘cause he died
One of the many reason I've cried. Could it be? I find
I take Bacardi shots ‘cause the youth is illing
But I'm Ravipops—that's my excuse for living
Forgiving myself for not learning a trade in school
Now my eyes stay red like I just came out the pool
I want my son to learn to build, write, and read from me
And not have cocaine plans with weed money
[Hook 2: C-Rayz Walz and (Killa Kal)] (x2)
I’ma protect my family—that's my word
Living on the corner, left that life on the curb
I’ma protect my family—that's my word
(No need to get around. I got that good stuff at home)

[Verse 2: Killa Kal]
“I’ma protect my fam” is what this jam be about
My sons, my daughter, and definitely my spouse
‘Cause when the going got tough, she got rough—no doubt
All you chickenheads clucking, break out
Since July 4th, 1993, there's been a change in me
My baby boy Khalil made a man of me
Made daddy think to stop hustling in these streets
Made daddy think “Would I live to see my son reach three?”
Even though daddy didn't have his daddy there
Daddy's gonna make sure you never have a care
In this world. Now I got a baby girl
Born a day after my birthday, Lena changed my world
And put my life into a proper perspective
And now respecting women is my only objective
See, I used to treat women real bad
And now I feel bad because my baby girl could get had

[Hook 1: C-Rayz Walz] (x4)
Loving, giving, living my life
[Bridge 1: C-Rayz Walz]
Yo, I'm not trying to die in the street but
My people need something to eat and
I'm just trying to feed my fam
Straight up, I need cash in hand

[Verse 3: C-Rayz Walz]
“Protect my family” my political statement
When it's time to get foul, my whole style's flagrant
When my little girl cries, it's a thunderstorm (What?)
Because of raw talent (Yeah), my son was born
They say God made man (When) man made God
(Then) man made child with no job—life's hard (Hard)
Man try to be man, steal and rob
Damn, man with no plan behind steel bars and guards
Now the next man's doing it right, doing your wife
Doing your son's homework. Man, he's doing your life
You ruined your flight. It could’ve been a walk in the park
Or a talk in the dark. Now it's a union of strife
I'm like “Protect your family no matter who you are”
It all comes down to the sun, moon, and stars
If you know these “Degrees,” then you knowledge me, pa
If you think it's all "Old Joke," well hardy, hardy, har

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