This is what I am

This is what I am
This is what I've become
This is where I stand
This is where I'll stay
I can never cross the barrier
That leads to the man that they said I would become

I knew since the day I turned twelve
This pain of loneliness I always felt
Was because I always lost the love I felt
Every single one left me with this broken heart
Father, when you told me where to go
You never even mentioned this part
This is what I am
This is where I stand
Left me with the curse of a broken heart
This is where I'll go
It's hard enough to grow
Knowing it'll always end with a torn heart

Maybe I know deep down
That I'll meet the one
But what if what I think now is true?
Then I'll be alone forever
Living in solitude, trying to fit in society
Laying in the creeping sheets of the night
Dreaming of being in someone's arms for the night
As I fall asleep, I always imagined the joy
The joy of being a happy boy
Instead of being used as a toy
The strings of my heart are always being pulled
Just to be snapped apart
My heart is dropped to the floor, left in the dark
I'll never see the end of this curse
And the beginning of my life

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