First Verse:

I’ve been walking through my town like my shit don’t stank
I’m sorry Miss Jackson, your house is a trip to the bank
What else am I supposed to do when section 8 on my plate?
Other than clear your cupboards and mob the city with rank
Breaking news, I’m back to breaking rules again
40 acres and a mule, family jewels, dividends
Finna make me pull a 215 when you pull up in Impalas
Make a jug that’s big enough to cover two baby mommas
Oh Lord give me c-notes
They might get me with a repo
But it’s cool I’ll just flip it into three hoes
And make it last
I need chains, I need rank
I need everything

I need Everything Everything Everything
I need Everything Everyday Everyday

Second Verse:

I’m riding silent, no need for sirens, I’m good as Gooding
Second nature telling me go back to Sunday papers
As I’m trying to calculate the worth
But first and fifteenth never held my momma’s purse
So I’m riding out, pockets in a drought, I need a re-up
Ain't no RICO gon impede us once we start to fuck the fee up
Middle finger to the landlord if he ever give the lease up
It don’t matter cuz I’m swiping when my name ain’t on the VISA


I just want more from you
I can’t live off a few
So I pray
[Robbery Scene Vocals]


I just wanna ride away (8x)

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