Thai Lanotics

Love is Law


My play say he on the way now
I told him meet me by the playground
Getting money every day now
Smoking gas every day now x2

Why these niggas wanna play me?
Cause they main bitch wanna lay with me
Parlay all day, riiight, cause we partied all niiight, riiight
I was jiggin all niiight, mixing more lean up in the sprite, yeah
That girl fucked me on siiight, i was catching juug plays in the niiight, yeah
Blue hundreds, i need those blue hundreds
Keep em coming, i need all my money, yeah
Smash on that girl with the bros
Super lanotics i pop i licks
I can't trust no thot bitch
That is not an option
Giving that girl construction
Digging in her like i found gold
She be digging me cause my cash long
Can't love her, im too numb
All these hoes too dumb
Niggas fake, im so done...
I just want to have fun!
Gotta bottle on deck
And u know i gotta check
Smoking this gas, like bp
Everybody wanna meet me
All of these hoes so freaky
All of these hoes so sneaky
Capp life, get money
Ain't no one taking shit from me!

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