(Paul Wall)

What it do
It's paul wall
I could flow so cold
Im 19 years old
With a mouth full of gold
I'm more cold than winter
Still I'm hot like the summer
Imma call up michael watts
And swing the swishahouse hummer
Im more hot than the summer
Still im cool like the fall
I could creep
And i could crawl
Its that boy paul wall
And imma tell all yall
D davis on my side
Took them 20s off my ride
Now i glide like clyde
I might ride with blyndcyde
Or my boy big tike
Paul wall could catch boppers
If i rode on a bike
But imma ride in big body
With my cousin biscotti
When i pass his turn
People say good golly
Its that boy paul wally
Keep it hot like tabasco
Hold it down like plaster
I got more ice than alaska
Acers homes is my hood
De soto is my street
All them speed bumps
Messin up my 20 inch feet
And it just dont stop
Antoines the block
I got 20 inch anchors
So my car dont hop
But my trunk sure pop
I got more waves than an ocean
When my speakers start smokin
And my trunk start chokin
My blown fuse got broken
I done blown up my amp
I got tv screens on
Watchin lady and the tramp
Imma shine like a lamp
Sparkle and twinkle
I represent the north pole
Like kris kringle
Its the paul wall
I got a swishahouse single
Trunk got the jingle
I could pop it like a pringle
Got a partner named inga
At the u of h
De soto is my block
Acers homes is my place
Puttin diamonds in your face
Like my partner lil flip
I could make my trunk jump
Wave hop and skip
I got diamonds on my lip
Mean on my tooth
Ridin with ?
And my partner named boo
Threewheeled the peru
How we do
Ridin blue
Paul wall the gorilla
Out the swishahouse zoo
I thought you boys knew
Man watts im through


Im about to back door that boy paul wall
Look look look

Is you a hot girl
If not girl
I dont want ya dont need ya
Have a skeeza Livin Single
Like she Queen Latifah in Khadijah
Is she a teaser
I can't be trickin my money to please ya
Can't be touchin my diamonds
Or ride on my 20s either
If she a diva
I just might let her borrow my visa
Only if she feed me grapes in my mouth like im ceasar
Keep your girl on a leash
Dont bring your broad to the beach
Cause when she see the chain and the peace and the gold on the teeth
Its gonna be over i promise
My niggas smokin them chronics
Im hollerin at pocahontas
Using straight up ebonics
Mouth lookin like gold block
Striaght out of fort knox
Im sittin on 3
Oops i mean im on 4 chops
Dont give a damn if you dont like it
But the chamillion gonna ball
Me ? and p wall
Ridin up the seawall
With all the screens on fall
But oh gotta stay winnin
Im gold grinnin
Chrome spinnin
And messin with your women
My girlfriend want a baby
But i just can't let it be
Because the baby would turn out to be as thuggish as me
The new choppers came out
So i just went out and got them
I took and ate more slugs
Then I done ? out the bottom

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