Ride, Ride
Ride, Ride, Ride

I got my head light out
We ride out (ride ride ride)
I’m off that Colt 45
We ride out (ride ride ride)
I’m feeling so damn tilt
We ride out (ride ride ride)
I pray that we don’t fade
Let’s find out (ride ride ride)
We escape the day
Riding through the night
We riding for the night
Oh what a life
I’m out here for your love
Can’t make it what it is
But I’ll do anything
When I’m off the drugs

Yeah yeah yeah your love (4x) (your love your love your love your love)
OOO ya love (4x)

Ride (7x)

{Guitar Solo: Sonny Dumarsais}

Female Skit Outro: Elia Coutte

If we are all born to die, why do you wanna commit to anything
Especially love
Wanna talk about my resume
Well let me tell you
My resume is mostly happy homes
Making Mr. ---- late to Jimmy’s first free throw
Family photos next to rubbers when the payment is due
And I can tell you that I fucked more presidents than Mrs Lewinski
It’s all good as long as its business business
No no no you should not call me hoe
You should not even call me a trick
Just make sure you are working hard enough so you not going to call me at all after we done
(phone rings) {fading away as if she’s walking away she says: Yeah I gotta take this, hey daddy where you at...oh yeah}

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