Children of the Corn


Children of the Corn

First Verse:

Saturday night fever, I’m under the club lights
And they flashing too fast to keep up
She flashing her titties way too fast to keep her
You say don’t let you go, no mamma mia
I’ve been out late, I been on mine
I been on one, never on time
For anything other than the after party
A couple bitches here I’m trying to put on Maury
You see I get lost in the haze when I used to find love in the grey
Now that I found it, I don’t want it, I’m just trying to find a way to escape
We all wanna touch the sky
I pray before the day you die, you don’t be a…
Lost one, lost one, lost one I know
We are, we are, we all lost souls
And they gon follow
This world, this world so sleepy hollow

Bridge: Flaire

Lord knows I try
Lord knows

Second Verse:

The art of pressure became my frame of mind
I paint a picture that only show you its fine
Ooo what a feeling for a masquerade
Real niggas, bad bitches yeah we all fade
White collar, green dollar yeah we play it safe
Safe enough to never ever say we did
Plan b the only place you ever play ya chips
But to never play ya card is still the greatest sin
I pray hell hath no fury
Lord willin’, I balance like Malice
Or worst case, reverse Mase
And put that drug money on the church plate
They don’t gotta follow the pulpit
I just don’t want the kids falling for the bullshit
And end up, end up…

Lost one, lost one, lost one I know
We are, we are, we all lost souls
And they gon follow
This world, this world so sleepy hollow

Bridge 2:



[Prayer Outro:]

Dear Heavenly Father
I need refuge from where I am
Refuge from myself
These grey skies I wanted my whole life have me lost
I don't love like I used to
Or at all to be honest
And it's not that I've changed
I think this has always been in me
But for some reason I let it take over
Consuming my every move
Worried to the point where I can fit every mold
But I realized in this life there is no right or wrong
It's whether or not you can deal with the consequences
But as he sips another old English and she opens her legs wider I stopped asking myself
Who exactly are they trying to be?
Instead, I started asking myself "what exactly are they trying to find?"
And I do believe joy is our common thread
But it's how we define happiness that tears us apart and
Even worse, not knowing my own happiness tears me apart
All I know is that it's not here. It's not in this grey
In Matthew 7:13 you told me to be my own nigga
So I know my crazy is just a product of their ignorance
But I still cry to you to bring me nowhere near here again
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
In Jesus' name I pray

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