Once upon a time, there was a steep mountain where a dragon used to live
A long time ago, A man told a lie. He said:
"I climbed that mountain to fight with the dragon then I almost killed him. But I missed. And he was huge and black"
He just wanted to be famous by this story and that's why he lied
That unexpected story made the people amazed in the town
The king of the land heard that story and, he gave him a reward

That lie became a rumor and the rumor spread to the whole country
It ran, from the East to the West and the North to the South
Over many years, that rumor was retold among the people
After a while
A boy got inspiration from that story, then he said
"I want to be a hero like that"
Then he went to that same mountain
It was a long journey, and it was very hot but he didn't give up

When the boy reached the top of the mountain
What he found was a huge white dragon, he was exhausted and injured
He threw away his sword which he had sharpened for this fight
He nursed the white dragon as best he could
And the white dragon recovered day by day with the boy's help
After this, the white dragon flew away into the sky
and the dragon's scales came off, which became the snow
It was the first snow in the country ever

That story became so famous all over the country
From the East to the West
From the North to the South. After many years
People talked about that boy as a legend

Words are magical for a moment
But living the experience, empowers your whole life
Do you want to hear more stories?
or Do you want to chase the adventure?

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