Palmgrove Estate


I been on to something
I been tryna force things
I been living foreign
I been tryna get it right

Say I been hearing stories
I've been tryna rewrite
I've been tryna get clo-closer to God
So I can see him

Got eyes all around me
Haters everywhere
And I never ever knew
That they'd rather see me dead
It wasn't this bad since the last time I tried
Saw the devil send his demons
But You know that I ride
I rise...the dead can't die

Minus all the bull yeah
The boy doing fine
I hope you hear this song
I really hope you hear this song

Daramola on the grind

I ride with a vision
I fly with the forces
Ain no competition
Ay shorty looking gorgeous
But I ain bout it I'm focused
My world very different
They don't talk
I don't listen

Mama said don't play with fire (4x)

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About "Palmgrove Estate"

The Last Time I Tried is an open invitation into Daramola’s world. The album details his high and low moments all while maintaining a somber mood with a pinch of unbriddled joy, a cry for true love, and a hope for something better. The Dove Award Winning producer finally puts pen to pad and shows us his capabilities as a singer/songwriter. Songs like “TLTIT” show him confronting a past relationship, and his resolve to end the quite bitter chapter in his life. “Dream”, which features Miami based Singer/Songwriter and the only feature on the album Karen Inder, details his feelings and desire to be trusted by someone he sees himself falling in love with. The Nigerian born singer has a lot on his chest and he definitely bares it all on this album. Daramola classifies his sound as World with pop, hiphop, afrobeats and RnB fusions.

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