Playing with fire
Running through the burning flame
You were poison
Why you gotta fight me
Over every little freaking thing
You were toxic

I can't give you Time no more
If you call my phone I can't answer no more
Girl I swear I'm better off without your love
if I rode a benzo then you'd treat me special

Last time I tried
Everything You said was a lie
You're not what they see when you smile
Oh when you smile
Oh na na na (4x)

Girls in Miami all have a thing common
They All like to swim
Oh they all love to swim

Girls in Miami all have a thing in common
They all like the ocean
Y'all just want show off

Oh Lord have mercy on my soul

I don put up with a lot this year
so I came up with a master plan
No more Shoulda coulda woulda
Ima do it then I did it
You know I'm the man (2x)
Lord have mercy, please

The last time I tried
my world was a hurricane
I tried to fit you in
but you chose to run away
I'm fanning out the flame
Cos all you do is drain

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About "T.L.T.I.T"

The Last Time I Tried is an open invitation into Daramola’s world. The album details his high and low moments all while maintaining a somber mood with a pinch of unbriddled joy, a cry for true love, and a hope for something better. The Dove Award Winning producer finally puts pen to pad and shows us his capabilities as a singer/songwriter. Songs like “TLTIT” show him confronting a past relationship, and his resolve to end the quite bitter chapter in his life. “Dream”, which features Miami based Singer/Songwriter and the only feature on the album Karen Inder, details his feelings and desire to be trusted by someone he sees himself falling in love with. The Nigerian born singer has a lot on his chest and he definitely bares it all on this album. Daramola classifies his sound as World with pop, hiphop, afrobeats and RnB fusions.

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