Bar es salaam
Bar es Salaam x 4

Verse 1 (Mike Tareto)
(From the city)
Where the water don't flow but the rappers do
And when the power ain't on still the cameras move
A lil flash and these hoes change their attitudes
You moving grams on the gram they need a like or two
It's likened to the wild west but it's delightful too
Plenty wouldn't choose this but it's the life I do
Show 'em what a couple mics will do and spark the start
The stars always shine brightest when it's in the Dar
Verse 2 (George Gavin)
From the city where we going to the islands for the weekends
And Shem really mean that you been smashing her in secret
And gems could either mean the tanzanite or just the bars we ignite
And you wonder they said no day drinking
So it's 6 at the orphanage feeling like I'm a home again
Telling all the city's stories on these songs again
And Avid turn to acid if you test him
And we don't need the bass
Yeah We know this shit is destined
We blessed em

Chorus (Naomisia) x 2
Bar es salaam
The place that I hail from
The city that never sleeps
It's kinda rough out in these streets
You gotta hustle gotta eat
But this is all I know

Verse 3 (MJB)
The city of blessings we counting blessings
Mbezi Masaki Oysterbay hey where ever you stay
Ya we gave the city mwanga no more shadows in the dark
Cos we gave the city life
Kivukoni pantoni Kigamboni and where ever you like
Shining like the stars in the night
My squad going ham we jus might
Take you on a level we gon party all night
Bar es salaam
Verse 4 (Ben V)
See where I'm from ain't nothing given cos shit is earned
And if money ain't a convo then we ain't concerned
5 to 5 cos you know sleep is for the rich
We hustle by any means in the street that's what a nigga learned
I'm at the heart of the city but ain't no love here
My mama scared cos she know the devil's out here
But i stay ready like my finger on the trigger
Cos you know your days are numbered if you counting on some nigga, nigga!

Chorus (Naomisia) x 2

Verse 5 (Uhhh)
Bar es Salaam
Bars less? Haraam
Bars yes? Naam Naam
Regardless kalaam
Yangu ndio inanifanya mtalaam
Nakusanya totoz tamu kama Selam
Ask where I'm from
I live in a city where we don't care what who's saying hata kama Saddam
Where the ladies demand a man, I want a bomb
So if you blow girl, I probably just might be the one
Verse 6 (Brian Simba)
From the city where every girl got a thick body
With a waist slimmer than the barabaras where we whip garis
U wear diamonds u get 6 Zaris
I mean 6 shorties
U ball on em they can lick lolly
We get money just to eat wali
U like blazing u gone need kali
Hali hospitali
Shwari kwa wenye mali
So kama huna vyumba
Bro sorry, sali

Chorus (Naomisia) x 2

Outro (A.V.I.D)
Reppin two five five
(Bar es salaam)
The City that stays live
(Bar es salaam)
Reppin two five five
The City that stays live
(ohhhh yeeeaaahhh)
Reppin two five five
(The city of dreams)
The City that stays live
(Mmmmmm mmmmmm)
Reppin two five five
(doooooooh doo doo doooooh)
The City that stays live
Reppin two five five
The City that stays live (fades out)

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About "Bar es Salaam"

This is the title track off the first season of the Bar es Salaam tape. It features the entire cast of the first part of season one sharing 16 bar verses half and half. Each rapper shares their perspective of the city they represent(Dar es Salaam/Bar es Salaam) with a smooth hook delivery by the Bar es Salaam first lady Naomisia.

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