Burnham Beeches


[Verse 1]
Long ago my life was like a light that danced on a string
Here on the swing his light is what used to make my heart skip a beat
Eyes as bright as the moon lit sea
Smiling up at the sunlit trees
Face is caught in the winter freeze
Grant those walkers an August breeze
I’m so shy I never speak until we are alone
That’s just fine as long as they only leave us alone
Searching for us in the dark of light kisses soft as you hold me tight
Don’t let anyone in our sight days stop with your delight
Tears in the eyes in the kitchen of
Free as the mason tastes our misses

Sun light in the midst of street that blows
I want to wash away forever

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Burnham Beeches Track info

Guitar Miki Berenyi
Vocals Miki Berenyi
Guitar, backing vocals Emma Anderson
Bass Guitar Philip King
Drums Justin Welch
Trumpet Terry Edwards