The Lowest Of The Low

The Unbearable Lightness of Jean


She talks volumes about sentences
But you need a program to keep up with her defences
She got slayed without delay
Yeah but no one seems to be asking her about her day
Cause they know what she did
The same as all the head kids around the team
She's coming clean around the scene
The unbearable lightness of Jean

She talks volumes and her [?]
The day they get her old man out of [?]
She's got cash and position
Yeah but that never stopped you from slumming it with the musicians
Yeah to change her constitution
Would take a revolution
But just last week
A [?] in town to chase her dreams
Aw, the unbearable lightness of Jean
Yeah, you could always come in here if you want to
Too much of yourself you had to find
The complaint is never fast enough to catch you
Jean, have you got something to hide?

It's unbearable
The way she laughs so fit
It's unthinkable
The [?] out of it

All those pills that stop you crying
Make you forget that your life unwinds
And you can't pretend for a little while
That your closest friends and their cafe smiles
Having missed the train, having caught the bus
The Truman Capody in all of us

Dream, yeah, dream, yeah, dream, yes

She smokes only imported cigarettes
And that's the camel that broke the straw-back of her pretentiousness
She's got a pine for fine red wine
Yeah, but she drinks the unleaded just like a Philistine. Speed, whatever
Yeah, the history she's [?]
It's the excuse that she was [?]
She's never been as down and out as she makes it seem
Ah, the unbearable lightness of Jean
She's unbearable!

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About "The Unbearable Lightness of Jean"

“The Unbearable Lightness of Jean” appeared on the live “Nothing Short of a Bullet” album, but did not appear on either of the band’s studio albums, although a live version of it did appear on their Motel 30 single.

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