Heard That


Verse 1:
Kill these enemies opposing the force I will
Blood I draw then spill
Too much skill when I'm firing bars it could never be a drill
Get stepping for the hills
When the weapon is revealed
You can't settle for a shield
No way it won't help you
You ain't hell proof
There's no armour I can't shell through
Don't be vex with cards God dealt you
I got more skill then right analog and L2
What type of dreams did they sell you
I let a 16 ring in your chest and there won't be
No reply no answer when I bell you
32 bars might melt through
Body and soul
I might pop it and go
The answer when I ask is it funny is no
I might run in his home
Done it before and I done it for dough
Having it better know I am not
Me I take shots and I'm gunning for goals
Dem man wan touch the level I set, they're finding hard like running in snow
Their behaviour I ain't gonna condone
I smoking on pussy MC's what theyre bunning is crow
Hook X2:
Heard that they wanna smoke me
Heard that they're on to my team
So I step out in black
See me masked up like scream
Freddy crooger end dreams
Man said what do you mean
Me I go blind and attack
It's Rawzas making a scene

Verse 2:
I told a man that it's force or die and try know I'm ready to take life
None of them guys are repping for my sides
If my guys tell me to get him I might slice
Might flip on an old friend, gwarn like I never knew em like say that I'm Mic Ty
I never step in a war like I might die
Might kill a cat then I'm taking the 9 lives
I'll make a big man bite size
Constrictor flows cah manna write tight
Kill any beat that's inna my sight
I might light up a sound boy for the banter
I don't I don't I said I don't want to give in to the anger
Bombs connect your boat like anchor
Them man are twisted of mamba
None of you guys could try match my level at all
Know when I touch the ball
I dribble then shoot and score
You man keep the bench warm
I don't sent indirect corn
I'll clart man directly then sit back chill and watch your set mourn
I was in the school of grime I was the student that never went form
Hook X2:

Verse 3:
Force or die, try clash me and I'll bring the force of course you'll die
You'll get left like a baby not the new born the aborted type you can't war with I
You'll get mangled I attack at right angles
Know that I corner guys
90 degrees, I'm with F O D
Put something sharp in your bicep if you wear your heart under your sleeve
You'll get F'd like you're after an E
Alphabet watch your step skip to the next flow that I'm using
You'll get a bruising when I start oozing
Bars with bombs that you're not defusing
Stealf mode when I'm moving
So I dump on guys it's like who did
Criminals I am the smoothest
I line up the shoot then boot it
Holy water and juice him
Man can't head lock Rawza get splashed up in your sides like cruise ship
Wanna know why man shouldn't act foolish
My bredrins got the piece like deuces
I'm that guy and I know that you knew dis
Man don't move then I'll move him

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