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Hook: Metaphor messiah messenger messed with the empire, who mentioned who's higher, who mentioned who's higher x2

Verse 1: The future and the ending it's a view it all depends, it's confusing and defused no messiah in these youths, we derive from a mentality designed by other groups, devised by devices to alienate you from the truth, separate several sheep by the sheets of there cloth, threading like they threatened by a grade grams are crossed, alternatively alternate from dreams and this state of consciousness minds cosmic by default, unranked microdose, under microscopes, microphone microbes riding microwaves, i'm feeling this praised or payed like Microsoft, let me off this detrimental slave shit

Hook: Metaphor messiah messenger messed with the empire who mentioned who's higher, who mentioned who's higher x2

Verse 2: Two pupils meditating, two pupils dilated, dialogue turned to monologues, you now we all faking its an act, back track it to a tac sit on a track while spinning, spitting supported provided province we motive, like a rap poacher tote a whole line of coke in his horn, when the thorn's smoked it awfully potent, position is potential, possibly porous, we slip through cracks we backmask, the tree snaps, turpitude of these terpenes, fiend faded fate line don't walk a path..
Underground i guess i'm boring, if you where a spec on a speckle wouldn't you suspect a little submit and tremble, disturbing influence like influenza , catching on to the signs, I talk about egotism, heroism, comes from the hero doses of what's really in him, your life is a moving picture you're just a moving pixel

Hook: x1
Verse 3: I'm geeking, i'm fiening, what's the plate for the evening, i'm peeking, I'm reeking, nigga what is the line that you're seeking....whats the life that you're seeking

I'm smoking on that chronic, double cups with the tonic, split the bread with an attitude gottch your girl real mad at you


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