Kidd Skiiz

Man In My City



Skizzy On Da Track Nigga

I get crazy pussy, psychiatrist
All about my paper like a journalists
Fake niggas they hate on me

[Verse 1]

I'm a motherfucking legend
I done gone through a lot of changes
Fake niggas is the new trend
Some niggas seem to be in style
I'm balling out the Cavaliers
All my niggas stay classy nigga
And my bitch bad , my bitch bad
Got a bad bitch, she suck dick
She send me naked pictures
When she's masturbating
Trill niggas , got an army of em
Rest In Peace to my sister
My mama is working
My mama is praying
My daddy is grinding
He got a good job , he got a red car
I'm sleeping late, tryna set my mind right
My girls good, we in good books
Pete sake, for that reason I'm giving 'em hell
I'm in my prime, I'm living it well
Not at all, the more that these niggas still I get better

Fvck what you heard, l'm the man in my city
Fuck what you say, l got the keys to my city
Please don't tell my kids how l'm living yeah

[Verse 2]

I said I'm cumming she say take your time
Swear l'll smack a bitch if she start lying
I'm the best and l swear l'm not even trying
I got the 30 on me like l'm Stephen Curry
"I'm at it again ,l'm at it again
Ain't got no feelings, Ain't got no friends
I like being alone, You don't understand
My uncle just passed, My sister is late
L swear l'm in pain, yeah
You think l'm still playing? You think it's a game
I mean what l say, l think l'm insane,"
You niggas is fake
You niggas is lame
Y'all niggas the same
You hoes still the same
Man, l can say few names yeah
But they told me Skizzy don't ever kiss & tell
I will never fall for a ratchet trap
Shoutout Vic Apollo & MG man
I'm tryna hustle with my boys cause we still unemployed
We got Skizzy On Da Track Nigga

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