I am a made up study and I’m gonna mount the world

[Verse 1]
I’m merely born before life can go
I’ve seen this before
I’ve travelled the stars
One more time I hope I burn in hell to pay
No questions left
I can’t stop being here before
I lose myself to live forever
I’ll picture a suit in a blood red river
And it never flows to a strong achiever
Don’t you forget just cry me a river
You can’t feed me out to you
This is the out to play

[Verse 2]
How can we sin for being born again
As you’re done give it to my hands
I’ve seen this place before visions telling me afraid
I can take the pain as long as some sound is break again

You can’t feed me out to the
You this is the out to
You in a winter case
You can you sort erase pouring raise for a winter case
Living dying with your soul erased
This is the out to play
This is the out to walk forever domination

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