Pick Your Poison


Verse 1:
Pick your poison
If I got grams don't ask bout deals my G that's a boy ting
Holy water splash man up leave them anointed
If I got beef then I throw one bang and my friends dem join in
Toe punt man till I do my groin in
You're a cool yout don't spoil it
But you ain't part of the circle
Heard my g got pumps now you wan get some like squirtle
Tell a cat take it or leave it stop moaning like Myrtle
Man said the scores light but it's small and mighty like Persil
If I bump you don't take it personal, strictly business
Manna got loud for smokers and I got tunes for listeners
All of my friends light tree so everyday it's like Christmas
I heard that he's on me but it not fact it's Chinese whispers
It's Rawza I beat mans girl and spud their misters
I beat mans sisters, tell my girl these bars ain't fact just fiction
Make critical incisions with Holy water get christened
Went uni for my parents they couldn't see my vision
Man said I'm cool but my bredrins ain't blood what's the difference
Touch LL I said touch R Dubz and I'll switch in an instant
They don't wanna bang for their people they just wanna pose in pictures
I take pictures 1 up 2 W's wid my fingers
Cheat on peng tings and I get brain off mingers
Big for my age from young these bitch niggas didn't want swingers
Grip on my blade are you dumb like say it's lunch time or dinners
Swap da flick ting for spinners see raw dishing out heat like clippers
I beg man don't take me for one of dese niggas
See me wid SJ try know that he's got burns like Smithers
See me wid SJ cah he keeps heat in hands like gloves
I move dirt like persil trapping dat grass like mud
Big L's gave me a jar for the buds
I gave him a score for the skuds
2 man in the 2 door with crow that's Raw and Dubz
Riding dirty, that's my dirty ride
I don't need a 4 door car most niggas ain't certified
I tell my dons don't blaze in the whip I don't wanna feel herbified
I tell man don't fuck wid LL I don't wanna ride 35
I don't wanna buck certain guys
Them man move like gyal they're chatty
Them man ain't bad man them man are taxi
Lick shots on main roads or back streets
On occasion I smoke and ammi
They know Im a creep they're bammy
When they see step out of the ally
They don't wanna end up missing like Maddie
No new friends ain't ain't pally
Got green for Ryan or Sammy
I was OT with Wanda, white and B 4 Rachel and paddy
Killing these cats like what Itchy did Scratchy
Now he's on the wing like Bolasie
And I'm out here with a white ting, she got breast and batty
Bare girlfriend chat she's gassy
Got a long way to go like Cassie
Jimmy on these hoes want trap me
But that's not me bro
Mandem say you might aswell toke if you're always round weed smoke
Always round green like Cee Lo
Him on me no, I find man like cerebro
Creep round ends on a dee Low
More time I'm blacked out like emo
5 gear on the back roads getting that deep throat
I ain't her man and she knows
Just drew her for my ego
Skeet skeet den she goes
I tell a man look after your wifey she might get repoed

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