Rags To Riches (Remix)


Dayodman - Rags To Riches Remix (feat. German Fitchson)

Rags To Riches
We all about our business
Rags To Riches
You know we here to get it

[Verse:] Dayodman
Rags to riches
I'm all about my business
Money on my wish list
They call me Mr get it
I need it I want it
Bring the cash now
New world order
Got the people bugging out
Coming from poverty but I work for mines
Look in my eyes don't you see the shine
Don't stare too long it could make you blind 'tryna stack these riches talking pot of gold
On with the new away with old
I won't stop till my neck on froze
Catch me rolling down in a pair of
What are those
Ima hot MC but my words are very cold
Very cold
My words are very cold

Rags To Riches
We all about our business
Rags To Riches
You know we here to get it

[Verse:] German Fitchson
Right now I russel look at my Simmons
I'm aiming with shooters they got good vision
My name is still forgien but I'm not tripping
Young Michael Phelps but I'm not swimming
What the fuck what I got to do
I got my own style and I got my avenue
What I come out yeah I'm always cutting through
Hit up Fabio what we gonna get into
Do a photoshoot then I do an interview
Bad boy on mah wrist ice anywho
Get the Nikon shoot it up 22
Pop a little perc and I want henny too
Your bruh gets no love
When I moon walk I'm a need that glove
I don't recall no I can't think of
So you know what we can not link up
Can I have fireball in my teacup
Yo dman I'm about to heat up
And my fans love when I'm on twitter
They asleep but I'm the one they dream of
Clean up speed up yo Gsup
When I slide tell these hoes yo ease up
Freeze up back it up put the keys in
Band-aid put it on no bleeding
I don't care if I'm late to my meetings
On my steak yes i would like seasons
Blond hair slick back like Stevens
Bust a nut in a cup I'm freezing

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