in EM3


Yeah, ready, Jesus
MI, hail up Merky in the wing
Yeah, yeah, really going spiritual

[Verse 1]
I’ve been nice with the flow since ‘08
Me and they singer like soulmates
Air Force Ones on my feet, they’re Colgate
Should’ve had a deal by now, it's so bait
But it’s all good, with the food on my plate
So I kick back choosing my fate
Time is money, never too damn late
Moving weight like a fat kid with cake
Man are out here biting hoes, clothes and flows
Still wanna tell me I’m a piss-take?
Where’s your album, where’s your mixtape
Fuck that, put it in a loo with a shit stain
You’re a little shit stain, throwing up Bs in the video
Bitch may come to the lab, show you where the hits made
Banging that thing for the bloodclart clip's sake
Me and my dogs dem ah update, looking at cupcakes
Stop with the dumb hate, oh, what a mistake
To go on a shit date
Now you wanna make phone calls to your best mate
Should’ve stayed at home carving a rib steak
Man have got the vision
Looking like Ray Charles, man have got the vision
Walk through the estate, how you gonna play chess?
When I already check mate, come to the set
Spin on your best day even on my worst day
Let’s do it my way, look up on the highway
More time man wanna fly away
Gotta be smart with the words, man wanna watch what I say
Just like IJ, money upfront from the pay day
Had an idea man it work on the same day
Now I've got a bird in my hand like AJ
[Verse 2]
Giant, man ah man told me I shouldn’t be here
But I've been killing for the past four years
Little man couldn’t keep up with the levs
So I gave man a flow and a couple new gears
Stock market with a couple mad shares
In a pub drinking with a couple mad brehs
Lions, tigers, actual bears
When I get to the top of the slippery stairs
But it’s all messed up when nobody cares
So I’m saving mine, then I’m taking theirs
Fruits of the labour, apple pears
Last of the real, fucking rare
Couldn’t tell the last time man shed a tear
In the hood everybody's weakness is fear
Everybody breaks bread but nobody shares
Tryna get fine circles out of the squares
No homo, man are straight up in here
Like Indian hair, what’s popping here?
Really here, target practice, man are in the woods with a rifle
Giving out critical shots to the passing deer, roll there
Teach a snake about snaking, man, I got the snaky glare
Letting off shots in the air with the brightest flare

Ting called giant, gyal a mi number one client

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