Just The Intro


WILD! You know I'm still with my team. Still on that same shit, you know it

Skinny white boy with a stick (30)
He don't say shit, ten toes on the strip
Lookin' for a lick, not lookin' for a bitch
Riding shotgun with a shottie, don't trust nobody
Dab in this bitch like I'm Marley
They will not run up on me, they will not come up on me
Block hot, shit's flaming, in the trap really bangin'
Walk in with sticks, but it's hangin'
No need to aim in, I am not changing
Kept it real from the start, lil boy play your part
I got no heart, you cannot bite you can bark
I don't know what's got a hold of me
I think the perk took control of me
I'm not with him, he will fold on me
Always got lil bro with me, took the leg to the store with me
I am not wild for no reason, on your block steady creepin'
Door to door, trick or treatin'
Skinny boy, but I'm eatin'
Can't chase a bitch, cause I'm chasin the bread
Fuck what they said, I got one in the head
Still posted with the lead (still posted with the)
I don't need a shoota, Freddy Kruger with a ruga
I'm the intruder, drive slow as a trooper
Pull up and hit up your team, 40 with a green beam
They put red tape on the scene, ridin' round on the same shit
Ridin' round on that gang shit, Bugga with me
I won't change shit
LV Man, till the death of me. I'm still with my men
We kept it real from the start, you know what it is
LV, NH, Free all the guys
Free Cheese, Free Teefie, Free 5, Free everybody man

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About "Just The Intro"

Another hood banger released by Swamp Town Records, featuring one of their top artists, WILDBOY LV a.k.a. Junior LV.

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