Domo Cis

Spend my days w/ u


Sick as shit
Tired of life
Tired of life
Tired of love
Tired of all this
But hey, here's another love song for all my people out there
You know all you people that died

God yes
We have known each other for a while
Talking about our feelings and they all have just compiled in a pile
Yeah ooh
I'm a g-eeh
Coming back and sayin’
What is this that we see
Love is a hyperbole
So we narrow us down to the lowest form of communication but more towards the sex and the stimulation
Talking about fornication
Imagine us in the oasis
Young Egyptians you’re my pharaoh
N’ I'm your slave
Listen to everything you say
Baby cakes love to squeeze em
N’ I know you cheesin' i'm the reason that our love is considered treason
N’ Everybody hates us and they wanna see us fall apart
Break their hearts just because they tried to break up mine
You’re a dime smoke a dime
Caroline (not your name) but you are so divine
Spending the time
With my baby
You’re my baby
Life is crazy but when you’re with me life is soothing
Like a smoothie x2
I’d like to spend all my days with you

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