Verse 1:
Back like i went away and then I got tighter
Now I'm back you know like stryder
I'll write a bar for a crew that needs to get light up and leave 'em in knots like Keyza
The truth is i could never be a minor, I'll come letting off bombs with my getaway driver
Dont think I can't cause I can like cider
It's the 1 40 beat rider
Man are creating like Tyler
You man are taking like Sylar
Could never battle with the rottweiler
I'm C4 linked to a clock timer it's bang time, you're social I'm anti
It's cutthroat I'm so down to hang guys, pass me the tool let me baptise
Aim at his boat let me capsize
I'm big you ain't that size creep in the night like cats eyes
Back like i went away and then i got better
Thought he was better than me till he got better
See me masked up like V for Vendetta
Black bally black gloves that's leather
My white G's buss heads with stella
My black dons poke man with wetter
Thought you was better than me G never
Man must have thought Rawza wernt clever

Verse 2:
But I'm smart though
See me blacked out like charcoal
Get clapped with the red beams like barcodes
Say you're on this ting, what about the other half of your heart though
You better walk with a friend on a dark road
Cause my dogs bite you're just bark loads
When you're on set don't think that i can't show when i spit I touch the level that you can't though
Cause you can't reach
I raise the bar like Arnie
One bang get your face twist like car keys
It's Rawza aka RD
When I touch mic I'm ahead like Hardy
You can spit but hardly, I'm a cool guy but don't put it past me
Got a couple guys that are strapped like car seats
See me on the back roads moving nasty

Verse 3
Back like i went away and then I improved
Went away came back better than you
Them boys there dont bang their celibate dudes
See me i stampede like elephants do
Run him down and leave no evidence clues
Take anything thats relevant too
Move to your girl with elegant moves
Cause me I've got tekky that's hella jutsu
For your wifey, and I've got jutsu for the grime beat
And I'll do dirt for the right Pee
And I move Mary Jane like spidey
Cah I'm the best man know like Kylie
And I'm back like I went away and then I got better so it's peak for guys that don't like me
And I dare a brother come try me I saw it coming like Wiley

Hook X2:

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