Mitchell Edwards

Unexpected (BG Media)


It's like
Trust me I've been through enough stress
Lying in Her Majesty's bunk bed
Look, its cold out here, man enough said
I'm on about graftin' till the sunset and make threats and say they send that but
Still not one of them threats that been done yet
Tryin' set me up with a bitch, did you actually think I'd believe that dumb sket!
I'm finding it hard to get some rest
Feel like the day hasn't been done yet
These days I find it hard to get upset
I'm coldest in my blood like
I grown up around drugs and thugs ya know
Man goin' out shottin' white in the clubs like delivering goods to these cheap little sluts
Trust me these bitches, nah they can't enough like
See me on the roads yeah I'm out and about
Black tracksuit yeah I'm out and about
Not fade nah that's not how I get down
I'm a popper kid but I'm livin in a shit town where
Man don't wanna see a man make pounds look
Man wanna see a man drown
Too much jealousy, watch out your best friend could be your enemy now truss you don't wanna start talking ya mouth
Look I'm real from the bottom of my heart
Active in the mornin' till dark
No matter what I do
I go far
Trust on the mic, I go hard
I make grands, lost that but I make it again, WOW
Look, and let me tell you again
I make grands, lost that but I make it again
Watch out for the snakes in the ends you don't wanna start
Makin' a threat, trust me I'm too wise, I invest yeah for my 2 eyes, yeah your life is a mess
Sendin' for me, your life is a mess
Sendin' for me Are you right in the head?
Man I'm on license, I can't be fightin'
I gotta be out on the roads doin' my thing
Most man wanna see me locked in the pen
Well now guess what, now I'm goin' back to the pen
I am on license, I can't be fighting
Gotta be out on the roads doin' my thing
I'll be in my cell reading bare books
Sat down thinking about
Small room with a window inside
The screws gonna be pissin' me off when its Friday
Cos I be smokin' my cheese doin my thing
And she'll be starin' at me like why kid?
Then I'll be starin' at her on whitey
Lisetnin' to Nines and Wiley
Radio 1 on my DAB like "Hi Traaaace"
I got bars cold like an ice age
I leave man in the past like MySpace
Round here I'm the coldest from my age
Try tell me I'm not
Then your minds in the right place
Look my face is gettin' hot
Trust me yeah I'm know round my ways
Wanna be Gs they claim to make Ps but they ain't got shit
Makin' out to the birds that they got dough
But in reality nah they ain't got shit
They're spendin' next man's dough what a div
Thinkin' you're bad cos you got an ounce on tick
Fair enough be a drug dealer but don't act bad when you ain't even got a quid look
Half of the man in my town think they're sick
But really they're jack shit
I went to the pen for a bit
A few MCs popped out like moes and Os
Spittin' pure lines in their bars sat chattin' shit
Straight up why would I wanna do that?
See I'm a menace I can back my words
Can you back your words
Look I grew up on the roadside
Moved an ounce about a hundred times
New schools every month of my life
I swear down back in the day yeah life was scary
That's why these days nothin' here can scare me
23 years old yeah I got the dough
Sat in jail and I'll be still makin' more than you
Got thousands and thousands and still more to do
Most man in my town don't know that I'm a nasty bastard
Fuck about your face be getting caught or smashed in
Know a couple of kids that be shootin' the sticks
Run up in your gaff and blast man like
Are you understandin'?
Listen that's it yeah Ba-Bang!

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