I don't know you
If I don't know you I won't phone you (You)
I just do what I'm supposed to
Open my eyes get brekkie phones due
My phones blowin' like customer services
Cold with the bars that I'm workin' with
Known in the ends that I'm servicing
Imma never second or third you div!
So don't come like you're ten man strong better watch your tongue if you're talkin' nonsense
Cos' I got no time for a man who hypes all the time and thinks that he's Bronson
So don't come talkin' to me if you roll with police or likely to speak
I've dealt with snitches before
Not sayin' what I did but I lost some sleep
I am [?] when you're catching Zs
Writing 16s at about half three
On license so I can't go overseas
[?] Grey Goose and the beach
Actions speak much louder than words
So these days nah man I don't really speak
I like to speak there on the rap and a beat
Most man around here they wanna rap like me (me)
5 bills on my crep
6 on my jacket
3 on my legs
Since 17 I pay my own rent
Don't tell me about more cash spent
Clever kid man I'm always correct
I'm weird as fuck but I ain't been checked
Imagination massive and trust me its mad I got bare mad tings runnin' through my head
But I gotta keep calm and relaxed
Been through too much shit in the past
Lookin' back now swear down it was a laugh
Now I gotta concerntrate on my fans
Put food on the table for my family
Put dough in the circle for my mans
Shouts out to my boys locked in the can
Film 4 same film yeah man its mad
If you ain't been there then you wouldn't know that
Reminising on past times and a throwback
Had cash in the flat I had to dash
Gettin' off fast
Quids in my hands
Trust me its mad what I do for a stack
Roll out my house straight wearing black
Black hat with a black jacket to match
Black kicks, black man bag with the cash
I swear down I'm a nice man we're nothin' like yours
Back and forth, baggin' up draws
Known round here for my bars of course
And I won't stop till I got a round of applause
And leave these shit MCs dead in the morgue
And know couple a man that'll kick down doors
In and out for them trees for the Ps of course
Noone better
Way too clever
Im too cocky
Well known fella
Bad attitude but I'm calm and polite every day I pop in my Mum's and say hi then I walk outside yo where man a be
I got money on my mind
Get it all the time
Everyday man a fear [?]
Yeah the road is my life but I don't wanna' let the road catch up my life
I'm insane better note I'm a problem
I leave snakes in the past like fuck them
I'm here for a good time not a long time so happy days now yeah I've been through enough shit
Let's talk about this world we're livin' in
Cos' since young age what I've seens been sickenin'
So many fake friends had to get rid of dem'
Concerntrate more on myself just a little bit
Cos' them times I was younger and chillin'
Listenin' to Devlin spit on the riddim
Thinkin' to myself rah that guy kills it
Then I heard Ghetto go skitz on the beat
And I thought to myself rah that could me
I was 16 knowin' that grime is my dream
I hit 17 and I started writin' but
Couldn't really focus on what I wanna be
See I was [?] bare keys of the green
And trust I ssen things that you've never seen
Family fallin' apart was gettin' no sleep
Stressin' out so much that I couldn't eat
Hopin I could wake up and it'd be a dream
But nothin' weren't changin'
Had so much to lose but I still didn't stop
I had to think outside of the box
So I started thinkin' a bit more
Gettin' intelligent most man told shit but yeah that is irrelevant
And I swore down on my Mum's life I could do this
The right wrong and the right path man I'll choose it
Either way man I win and abuse it
Sleep on me nah man are never snoozin'
Win me nah mine you will never [?]
Cos I swear down my life I'm not losin

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