Mike Cog

Pull Up


I had to put this into motion
I got tired of the wishin'
Mike C is here for now
Pull up quick before you miss him
Something got you worked up dog
Please tell me, what is it?
If you are my homie
I'm sure I can help you fix it
We get [?] early mornin'
Mix the work with the bisquick
I'm really coming at you
Y'all just need to get with it
Y'all talk about my life
You put young Mike C on exhibit
I'm high-key fucking slaying y'all
And you just bump your head right with it
I'm sorry, I'm just verbally sadistic, fuck a critic
Mike C is getting twisted, hell yes
I'm fuckin' lifted
If you don't like this type of music
Then don't listen
Surrounded by you lame boys
How am I supposed to fit in?
People started to listen and
If I'm being honest got me feelin' different like
"How I'm gonna hate
With all these people showin love
Walk in [?] bird like Jesus threw the dove
What's up? Whose up? I just threw
Your gonna have to hop on a plane
If you wanna be above
Young Mike C and that's lightly
And I just spilled that purple
On my white tee
I ain't thinkin straight
Something fucked up on my physche
I'm Mike Cog
And i can rhyme
If you care to listen
I won't waste your time
I want you to remember this inside your mind
Like maybe not every line
Just a couple
My futures clear
My visions double
Back in August
Got into some trouble
With the ball
No lie I fuckin' fumbled
*Beat switch*

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