Fire in the booth


[Verse 1: LD]

I can handle the snakes
The rats can't take
People talk to the pigs and the pigs wanna lock my estate
They wanna know about the 6
Wanna know how much money we make
Lost so much Skengs, i don't know how much more i can take
But i'm still pulling up on smoke
Still serve amnesia in bulks
I just got off the phone to slowz
He just wrapped up an opp with O's
Look, still pull up in the 4 door with a 44. tryna smoke on a dome
Tryna shutdown a boy den fly OT and shutdown a show
67 were drillers we drill
Put my life on the line for the hill
How much times have i did a nigga dirty
Only god knows how a nigga feels
Of course i'm beefing the trident
Hmm... tryna catch me sliding
Still step outside on violence
Imma deal with them in silence
Splash corn on all of the opps
Now we splash all of the thots
Wanna take it there lets take it there like the day that mayz got got
Now K's just sitting in jail
And were sending p's and go on v's i ain't sending no mail
Talk about gang better hash tag jump out gang cah we get mad sales
[Verse 2: Dimzy]

Whats all the talk
Like whats all the nonsense
When them bells came out the dots left a yute unconscious
They got mantal K in the can got him living like Bronson
Bro got flake and it looks like powder but its not johnson
67 were the wildest in London
In Skengs we trust in clutch cos London's a dungeon
In the trap tryna break down onions stones looking fat like bunions
Connect came in with bricks then we break down bricks into onions, then we break down bricks into onions
Spin loads come long like a trunction
You don't wanna get hit with this corn this corn will mess up your function
Ight... if i bagged for these things and stuff them i'm going straight back to induction
The 6 got poles like construction leave you in the dirt when i rass that Russian
Ight... i got bands like rubbers
When i was broke on my face, that's when i knew who's brothers
4 door trucks and skengs, i'll lurk on your block and jump out on my mothers
4 door trucks and skengs, i'll lurk on your block and jump out ????
In a 4 door truck take cover

[Verse 3: ASAP]

I'm in the T-house and i'm counting thousands
I'm getting money you ain't tho you're just rapping bout it
Whip whip got the water running like a water fountain
My nigga smokes he's cutting shapes when he's bagging ounces
I'll chef man down and smoke weed then laugh about it
67 we some savage niggas no way around it
Poled up looking for the opp's and we fucking found them
They all dashing home
Like they left suttin on the stove
016, new year someones gotta go
Lets lurk with the 4's out
Long nose with chunky stones
Rass a nigga lake ammi smoke
Peng ting wanna do the gang
Put my dick straight down her throat

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