Lexa L’Terra

My Shit (Freestyle Remix)


Yeah, yeah, yeah
It's lit (it's lit)
It's really, it's really, it's really lit

It's a
Hey boogie, mine is the boogie and had the lex
I mean, we can talk through text but we can have no sex
You be trying have your feelings you be trying flex
So imma do you like we on MTV and tell you "NEXT"
I'm the next thing the best thing for ya
And when it comes down to [?] I'm the only one that stand for ya
And I don't even hear from you
Lately we've been with other girls that's quick to give it up
And you hate me on my facetime like
Is you up ? Nah I'm stuck, and the world [?] and I'm hurtin' [?] we ain't workin'
And honestly, truly, you scared me like Joanne
You do me like they do up in the movies, without the happy ending
Friday night, I don't want to [?] and fight
I just want to get to the club so I can feel alright
I mean tipsy, better than alright, now i'm seen lights
Cause I hit the blop one time and everything went from wrong, to right
Wooo, from wrong to right
Yeah, from wrong to right, yeah
It's a, it's a, it's a, anh, it's a
Hey boogie, mine is the boogie and had the lex
I mean, you get it, cause my name is Alex

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