No Time


It's the K-Y-E
Smokey Boyz

I've got no more time to be clowning around
Got too much time to go down on the ground
Any enemy there, I'll ride out right now
Got too many niggas that wanna slide back round
On the ends, we've gotta survive somehow
All my friend dem gotta grind by the ounce
Only 10/10 if you're providing it out
Boydem wanna put us inside the jail house
Come to the flats, that's straight in-and-out
No long ting, man hit the sale and bounce
Chips get cut like break into house
Been on the roads for years, it's breaking me down
On the ends, there's gear in crazy amounts
On the B with A, really about
Don't need the A To Z, I know whereabouts
Where the young Gs reload in the trap
No long ting, buss reload, put 'em down
Man lick shot like free throw, no doubt
Have the enemy wish he never opened his mouth
Hennessy and a bit of green to go to the clouds
Stress on my clart that's beginning to mount
From 14, got kicked out the house
Had beef and we weren't on sorting it out
We used to roll with a tool in the pouch
We used to move with a tool in the crep
Used to ride bike just to beef over ends
Now I ride mic, don't think I tek threats
Hold leng, thinking you could ever ride on me then?
Hold on, chill out, no, just relax one sec
Tryna get out the flats with the mic and deck
All tense, had another close shave with the feds
Feeling like I'm going crazy again
Many memories that has left stains on my head
And man are wickedest man, so never play with me then
OGs, nigga, I'm badder than man, aim with the TEC
Pagan dem, they best be saving their breath
Fling the ting just like new tech
Man ah shower man mad, take showerman steps
Anytime, any day, any place, I rep
Any estate, I come through and flex
You don't wanna see me man if it's that bad attitude
And we don't tek backchat, show gratitude
To the niggas that got my back
Weekdays and we're still drinking 'gnac
Man's raw just like the ting mixed with bash
Dem boy know they don't ever state facts
Nah, fam, didn't really wanna get a man mad
Can't come around man if you beat down yats
Or if you sing, we don't fuck with the rats
Cause man tried to flex on real money man
But can't lend a hand to the fam or gang
Then they move prang cuh they gas and brag
'Bout all the stacks that they had in the bank
Now the YGs dem are searching the flat
Gets on top and my friends never ran
Dem man, they could never flex with man cuh
Dem boy dere ain't my friend or team
Talking too much when a man's lean
Too much weed, too much codeine
Talk like they're big inna di game, oh please
Wanna do a ting? That's you v. me
You v. me on the mic, you might see
All of your co-Ds get burst, G
Best disperse, you don't want that heat
And it gets reversed when I jump on beat
You want to try? You'll die, dun know it gets peak
Wanna fuck around with none of my team
Get along gang just really ain't me
Kick off the ting, tell a boy don't speak
Can't kick it with me cuh you're not my G
Kick a boy down, buss a likkle thai chi
I don't like you, I get along with your wifey
So open your girl, that's where you'll find us
Kick back, relax and bill a zoot, I'm good
Doing a mad ting on recliners
Then it's back to the roads until the night's up and
Shout out the realest riders
One wheel-up with the feds dem behind us
Soon come, gonna be an R1 biker
125 whenever I ride up and
Get the Rizla, piece and grinder
Bare green, I know, I tek the lighter
Already high but I wanna get higher cuh
Life's stress when you're living as a writer
Grind more than I write, fam, it's minor
And man ah ride for the cause even if it's minor
The roadside mandem wanna retire
Before the federalis really wanna come and find ya

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