Lil Killstreak

Don’t Knock My Hustle


I pour vodka in my lemonade and let it happen

All this happiness I imagine

It erupts and uppercuts into my lower depths

Until I'm drowning

Vision hazy

Picturing my death
I'm overboard in the ocean the water I bless

When they try to speak to me

No hablo Ingles

I never try hard enough

Even with my best

I try to say it like a man

Say it with my chest

I miss the Saturday mornings with the cartoons

And when jeison would chase me around with the broom

Playing hide and seek

Tip to from room to room

Take me back before my life became a big boom

Now I'm in outer space feeling like a looney tune
Call me Kodak wearing space jams I'm on the moon

I can't afford them yet but maybe I'll afford them soon


Everyday is a struggle

Don't knock my hustle x4

Everyday is a struggle

Don't knock my hustle x4

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