Crawling Up (Spoken Word Poem)


Crawling up from the wreckage daily
A life of crawling from the crater from the dents from the Depths
From the flames from the edge from the bottom from the Awful emptiness
Crawling up my spine into my mind
Crawling up my from the grave from the way from the bays of Sadness
Surrounding me drowning me
Crawling up daily
And wavering a way to escape from the pain from the way They
Break me down
Crawling up for the light for the fight for slight
Pinhole diamond shining through the lazy hues of the vast Expense
Of the endless night
Crawling up over the lip down the doom
Through the ruins from the dust and savage sands to the next Craggy shaft of
Soggy loam slipping back down the sludge gripping with fist Coated in stinking mud
Crawling up and digging in spirit split splintered needles Chipped and thin I pause
To reclaim my breath, to punish these dreams of quiet Surrender to remember
That I do not stop, I don’t give up I don’t give a fuck I don’t Give in
So I begin, again crawling up crawling out crawling away
Over the moaning bones of those who choose, to quit and Remain
I don’t a fuck
I don’t a fuck

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