[Verse 1]
If you [?]
I would poison the world, with no trouble at all
I won’t think twice about making the call
Don’t even try to be careful
If i were you I’d, get a job
I would have been in the ship, join the rest of the mob
I never look back cause I have nothing to [?]
I’m just trying to be more careful

[Verse 2]
If you are all star sinners
Walking all day under the fucking sun
I try and try and just can’t get started
Maybe i should be more careful
If you out to break lines [?] far far forever [?]
You would plant a seed and watch it grow and make a change
Maybe you to be more careful
[Verse 3]
Think about [?]
If you feel it you may [?]
If you believe take me right there [?]
If you feel it [?]

If you let go [?]
Fade away in the dark [?]
Try to be more careful
Try to be more careful

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