Lewis Del Mar

On desert june 2011


Soft hues on hush now
Blown tires on the sidelines
Dead mosquitos in my sightline
Miles long as lifetime
Crimson wind on my skin tones
You are a window
Jump through when the moon is low
Focus only in silence
We camped on the rio
Blew trees in the canyons
No rain fly in skylight
Stars are tears to my mindset
Got naked in the rio
Swam over the border
Came back to your acura
And listened to mac dre
There's cops on the border
We had to pull over
There's dogs in the acura
First they cuffed joshua
Push ups in the holding cell
Fluorescent my mindset
Through cracks in a door
The desert at sunset
The bigoted troopers
With eyes like the hoodoos
Tacit and red
On fire like the innocent
A zip in the trunk
Bagged up in the spare
Smoked to come down
Consequences are layered
There are ones that you choose
And one's that choose you
It's quiet in the desert
I focus in silence
Played back in frames
With soft lidded violence
Escaped from the speeding
Of everyday breathing
Bold like silhouettes
Of mountains much older

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About "On desert june 2011"

On February 26th, 2017, Lewis Del Mar shared “on desert june 2011” to their facebook page without any explanation. although “on desert” reads as a spoken poem, the band seems to be alluding to a future album – in the screenshot, there are a few computer files titled “LP2”, “2017”, “Film”, and “Eye”, in addition to a file titled “Malt Liquor Intro,” a single from their previous EP.

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