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Our Solution


1619, came black ancestors
They were seen as the white man's lessors
Forced into fields to spend all their days
Working hard in the sun’s rays

They were stuck in slavery
Whites claimed they were knaveries
Despite their bravery

2013, a man went to prison
He was seen as another black villain
Committed no crime- law and order doesn’t care
Fitted with his own orange jumper to wear
He’s stuck in captivity
No room for creativity
No work or productivity

No freedom, no suffrage
Just hard work for no wage
Shackled and beaten
Committed no sin
Where did he go wrong?

Not at all. It’s just the system
That’s not an excuse
But we need to help the victim
Help the victim
Help the victim!
The system’s not ok!

The problems include:

American Legislative Exchange Council- ALEC
Birth of a Nation, 3 strikes
Detention facilities
Law and order, Super predator, Jim Crow
Southern strategy, Sensory deprivation
Mass incarceration, Crack cocaine
No hope!
2017, let’s find the solution
Don’t let the problem use evolution
Enough is enough, let’s fight till we win!
Fighting and fighting and fighting till injustice is never seen again!

We’re taking action
Fight we should
Destroy our problems for good!

Our solution is:

American innovative campaign for good
Birth of salvation, We like
Endless possibilities
Give them lawyers, Come on senators, Let’s go!
Our strategy, A new vocation
Mass cooperation, Help the pained
Our hope!

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